Welcome to the website of PREJUS

This web portal was developed by the German Association of Notaries, the Estonian Ministry of Justice, the Polish National Council of Notaries, Humboldt University in Berlin and the German Federal Chamber of Notaries in close cooperation with the EU Member States.

Here you will find a lot of information about the organisation of preventive justice in Member States as well as about the competences of courts and civil law notaries.

On the General Information menu you will find an international summary of preventive justice in the Member States of the European Union. Further information about such matters as family and inheritance law, estate law and trade and corporate law in individual EU Member States you will find on the country-specific Information menu.

On the right, by clicking on the flags of the EU Member States, you can access a PDF of the questionnaire that was completed by each Member State. This information was provided by Ministries of Justice, chambers of notaries and universities.

The PREJUS information portal is being expanded one step at a time. If the pages you are trying to access are not yet available, you will be offered a selection of links to other websites, where possible.

We wish you many exciting discoveries in your exploration of the preventive justice of the EU’s Member States!